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PI - Oil Spill Services Ltd

In addition to the technical and logistical management of projects, Pi views the management of your client, plus sub-contractors when involved with them, to be of utmost importance. Your company's good reputation and the smooth running of the project may depend on it.

Disaster management scenarios such as spill clean-up and remediation projects, can often be fraught with tension, as home or land owners' lives are thrown into turmoil. Oil spill incidents can on occasion cause as much destruction to properties as fires and floods. Accordingly, experience in the sensitive handling of individuals and the comprehensive dialogue required on such projects, is absolutely imperative.

Pi has this experience and a commitment to the provision of open and free flowing information to all parties designated by our clients, to have a stake in a given project.

Pi can take the headache out of liasing with and instructing site contractors such as builders, by managing all operational affairs at ground level. Alternatively, when you're called to meet stakeholders such as property owners, loss adjusters, solicitors, structural engineers and Environment Agency officers, Pi can support you with technical representation.