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PI - Oil Spill Services Ltd

There are a number of ways of contacting Pi. However, if you need immediate advice or to instruct Pi to mobilise urgently to a site on your behalf, please contact us by phone in the first instance, on the following numbers:

Office: 01202 710 410
Mobile: 07855 444 456

As an alternative for placing non-urgent orders or as a follow up to your call, you might also utilise our Oil Spill Incident Form on this website.
Fill in as many details as you are able, together with your order number, and press the Submit button to deliver the instruction to us electronically.

Alternatively you can write regarding orders or any other matters and send the correspondence to us by fax, e-mail or post, using the details below.

Fax: 01202 710 415
Email: info@pi-oilspills.co.uk
Post: Pi (Oil Spill) Services Ltd
23 Queens Road
BH14 9HF