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PI - Oil Spill Services Ltd

Pi (Oil Spill) Services Ltd is an Environment Agency Registered Waste Carrier and an accredited contractor under the British Oil Spill Control Association (BOSCA) scheme.

The team is headed by Managing Director Guy Spencer, a qualified Water & Environmental Engineer, with professional experience from diverse fields including insurance claims, mechanical engineering, the drilling industry and environmental consultancy. As a consultant, Guy worked for a number of years almost exclusively on inland spills of kerosene and gasoil. His very specialised activities included an extensive amount of work on hydrocarbon contamination beneath and to built structures. Guy has previously advised many contractors who are currently prominent within the inland oil spill response field.

Pi personnel have worked for, either directly or indirectly, many high profile companies on spill projects including:

  • British Benzol plc
  • Capita McLarens
  • Crawford & Company
  • Cunningham Lindsey
  • Direct Line Insurance
  • GAB Robins
  • Halso Petroleum
  • Morrisons plc
  • NFU Mutual
  • Norwich Union
  • OAMPS (UK) Ltd
  • Shell Direct
  • Southern Water
  • Total Butler
  • Woodgate & Clark